Voices of Change in Communities: Fresh Hope and Clear Vision for a New Day in Civic Engagement

It’s the verdict people were waiting for from coast to coast. Some 25 million watched to see where things would come down regarding the death of George Floyd. The jury turned in a guilty verdict for the case. As the judge read the counts which surprised many, folks wondered if it was justice or a …

Back to Life Better: Writing a New Chapter in History, Civics & Culture that Sets the Stage for America’s Rebirth in Social Enterprise

Wanna have a #HometownStrong comeback on your block, boulevard, borough or boardroom? Gotta get through the ‘hometown rebound’ pre-season!

The Chance to ‘See America In Color’ or ‘See America In Conflict’: Which Will Folks Choose for a Higher Level of Citizenship?

It’s midnight in America! What will folks see when the dust clears or at sunrise? That’s a question many are asking after events of the past few days and weeks. All this has been happening while dealing with the global Coronavirus pandemic. It’s also happening as the nation prepares to celebrate another Independence Day. People …

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