(Re)United by Civics in the Real World: With a Winning Spirit in Culture to Move Past Partisan Hang-ups and Social Flare-ups

Who’s ready to beat the virus? There’s growing concern that we’re not quite out the woods yet with Covid-19. The delta variant rate of spread is a cause for concern in many parts of the country. Why it’s become such a political football might take some time to unpack. But how about we focus on …

Smart Civics 101 and We the People: Influencing Culture in the Classroom, at Work or Your Field of Dreams

The tassels and caps are flying! Whether it’s in middle school through college or trade school, many graduates are taking their last strolls before leaving campus. With Covid being less of a factor there’s room to laugh, hug and for some maybe even twerk their way to the next stage in learning, work and life. …

Back to Life Better: Writing a New Chapter in History, Civics & Culture that Sets the Stage for America’s Rebirth in Social Enterprise

Wanna have a #HometownStrong comeback on your block, boulevard, borough or boardroom? Gotta get through the ‘hometown rebound’ pre-season!

Your American Story: 4 Reasonable Goals for a Nation That’s Working on Being Clear-Eyed and Civic-Smart as Citizens

Take a Glimpse at How Dr King Achieved All-round Citizen Excellence

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