From the Office of ‘Citizen America’: To Bring Change in Each Classroom, Company, Community and County/Parish Along the Way for a Better Nation

Is the new school year gonna be cancelled? “Betta not” were the words from parents who’ve been dealing with the upheaval since Covid-19. “It needs to” were the words from those who feel 2020 gotta be cancelled. There’s been so much ups and downs, sad news and painful situations that they’ve had enough. Those who’re […]

Back to Life Better: Writing a New Chapter in History, Civics & Culture that Sets the Stage for America’s Rebirth in Social Enterprise

Wanna have a #HometownStrong comeback on your block, boulevard, borough or boardroom? Gotta get through the ‘hometown rebound’ pre-season!

The Chance to ‘See America In Color’ or ‘See America In Conflict’: Which Will Folks Choose for a Higher Level of Citizenship?

It’s midnight in America! What will folks see when the dust clears or at sunrise? That’s a question many are asking after events of the past few days and weeks. All this has been happening while dealing with the global Coronavirus pandemic. It’s also happening as the nation prepares to celebrate another Independence Day. People […]

America Pride Override: 3 Ways Where Civic Engagement Brings Change on the Soup Lines and Troop Lines

Where were you when…? That’s a question often tied to major life moments. Whether on the local or national scene, there are social change markers when shifts happened in our day-to-day living. This may be where we find ourselves during the Coronavirus pandemic as cases spike and news of infections hit closer to home. At […]

State of the Culture: What 5G Will Mean for the Next Big Thing in Civic Life

What was the big reveal from this year’s Oscar Awards or Superbowl game? Well the Oscars is still dealing with fallout from not having a host for the show over recent years. This time they called on past hosts Steve Martin and Chris Rock to do an opening bit. It had some folks thinking…heck they […]

Your American Story: 4 Reasonable Goals for a Nation That’s Working on Being Clear-Eyed and Civic-Smart as Citizens

Take a Glimpse at How Dr King Achieved All-round Citizen Excellence

Hey America, Listen Up! What It’s Gonna Take for us to See the Problem, Adjust the Picture and Update the Set of Social Tools for a New Reality

Long before we had color TVs with remote control and a DVR box there was the black & white picture tube. Those days we had to turn a knob on the TV to change channels. After a while things began to get shaky when turning the knob where the picture became fuzzy or had lines […]

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